Artikinesis: We Are Forest - FEBRUARY / APRIL 2018

Image by Elinor Cooper

We Are Forest will be something a bit different. It will be collaborative, immersive and temporary... Four of the five members of Artikinesis will be heading down to the south coast to paint directly onto the walls of Sticks Contemporary gallery in Gosport.

We are going to paint a forest.
Artikinesis present a room-sized artwork exploring our relationship with trees.

Visitors can watch the artwork as it grows during the first week, and later immerse themselves in the installation. Integrating painted and projected artwork with a haunting soundtrack composed for the work, it will be a calm space in an urban setting, a chance to contemplate what trees have to offer humanity. What answers do they hold to the problems we face as a species and as individuals? Should we be seeking to renew our acquaintance with our earthy, earthly companions? We owe the trees a great deal: since primeval times, these beneficial beings have cleansed our air; they have provided us with shelter, fuel, food and medicine. Do they speak among themselves? Do they seek to communicate with us?

Walk through our forest, be part of it and find new forest paths of your own.
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26 February - 2 March creation
5 March - 14 April exhibition

Sticks Contemporary
Unit 15, Gosport Precinct, South Street, Gosport PO12 1HA